Reducing false fire alarms

Posted 5 April 2017

Around 15% of false fire alarms at UNSW are caused by burnt food, toast or rice. The smoke from burning toast or steam from cooking food can trigger a fire alarm.

NSW Fire and Rescue charge $1,900 to attend a false alarm call-out and it diverts these essential services that would otherwise be available for genuine emergencies.

To help reduce the incidence of false fire alarms across the campus and in residential colleges, we have commenced rolling out posters with tips on how to avoid triggering a false fire alarm. These posters are being placed in kitchen areas across all buildings. You might have spotted them in your kitchen area on your floor.

More information 

For any questions or if you would like additional posters, please contact Facilities Management- T: 9385 5111 or E:

View the Reducing False Fire Alarms poster.